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The ultimate CBX drag bike

Top fuel CBX

This bike is located in Finland and is still being run as of 2004.

This is another site with pictures of what I beleive to be the same bike KZ1300 web page

Barry Eastman and his CBX Funnybike

This bike was 1320cc turbo on alcohol, originally a Hilborn-type injection system but later on was changed to EFI with a programmable DTA ECU. It ran mid 7s at 175+ before being sold to part fund a new bike. Best 60' time was 1.16 secs. Pistons were 67mm RC Eng, turbo was Rajay E flow, billet ally rods, 3 speed Orient box with slider clutch.

Best time was 7.62 @ 179.9mph

Found this one at Bill Vill's web page, it was for sale as of Jan 2004